So, I write crime fiction, and actually make a living at it. My psychological thriller Her Perfect Secret won the Next Generation Indie Award for "Best Suspense" in 2022.

Before novels, I worked in film and television, on sets and in the studios. Now I focus on my family and our small homestead in upstate New York. When not writing suspense, I'm gardening, cooking, or yelling at my three kids (lovingly).

Mostly, I worry about climate change. Sometimes I write about addiction, since I'm a recovering addict.

But I also do a mean Arnold Schwarzenegger, and there's plenty of laughter in my life.

I'm a fortunate man! And I hope to pay that forward.

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T. J. Brearton

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I’m passionate about the environment, plant-based cooking, philosophy, and mental health. I write thriller novels for a living. Top writer in Climate Change