Trump Will Never Face Consequences. Here’s Why.

T. J. Brearton
6 min readJan 13, 2021

I think what people want to see more than anything else, is for Donald Trump to be held accountable. To suffer the consequences. He is, if anything, the reason why we invented the concept of hell.

But I don’t believe in hell. And you can’t put money in jail. Donald Trump will likely never suffer any meaningful consequences for his life.

Oh sure, he might have a few private moments crying on the toilet, but he never had to be accountable for losing millions of dollars — he just declared bankruptcy. He never had to be held accountable for being helped by a foreign country to gain the presidency. Or withholding defense aid to a foreign ally in order to get dirt on a political rival. He was never accountable for saying Mexicans are rapists. Or to grab (women) “by the pussy.” And he won’t be held accountable for saying “you’ve got to fight so hard” and likely inciting a mob to storm the U.S. Capitol Building.

Trump is the great flaw in the American system. He’s the capitalist elephant in the room. He is the confluence of money, politics, and show business. A rich reality TV star born with a silver spoon. Proof that marketing trumps common sense. (Pun acknowledged.) Trump is the embodiment of decadence, selfishness, and hedonism. He is the Con in Chief, as anyone not under his spell can plainly see, and has plainly seen for years.

But he won’t be held accountable for any of this. Why? Because he’s a perfect creature of the system. He is the Master of Loopholes. He has perfected the kind of speech that’s never overt, forever insinuating. He has weaponized social media with a special flourish. He’s shattered all norms of decency and tradition because they are only that — norms. Ideas. There are no consequences for lacking virtue. If anything, in terms of raw capitalism, such ego and hubris is only rewarded.

Finally, he has found his place at home in a maelstrom of conspiracies. He’s been wise to not denounce any of these. He is the QAnon savior, the only one protecting us from a horde of child-trafficking monsters. And he is the only True Patriot, saving the real America from the ersatz one. Keeping the mob of illegal immigrants, gays, busybody women, and unscrupulous persons of color, at bay. He is the bulwark against socialism, and against the…

T. J. Brearton

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